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For adults who do not need (or prefer an alternative to) psychiatric hospitalization but who are unable to live independently, Sanctuary House provides attractive surroundings with an ideal combination of privacy and family atmosphere. The facility is an historic, beautifully furnished late-Victorian house, which offers a warm, home-like environment.

The Sanctuary House Program serves a maximum of twelve adults who are experiencing emotional difficulties with or without substance abuse issues; the program focuses on teaching clients independent living skills and socialization skills necessary for successful community living. In addition, Sanctuary House provides a comprehensive clinical program designed to help clients cope with intra-psychic issues that interfere with an independent lifestyle.


Upon entering the Sanctuary House residential program, each client is assigned a primary therapist (Case Manager). Together they assess personal strengths and problem areas, structure short and long term goals, and develop an individualized treatment plan which is evaluated weekly throughout the course of treatment.
Sanctuary House maintains as its goals:



In collaboration with each client's psychiatrist, the staff and Medical Director develop an optimal medication regimen with the lowest effective dosage. The Medical Director and clinical staff continually review current research in the area of medication to provide the most therapeutic plan for each client.

Clients are encouraged to understand the importance of proper medication management throughout the course of their treatment in the program and during aftercare. Read more

Co-Occurring Disorders:

The Co-Occurring Disorders Outpatient Treatment Program provides specialized counseling services tailored to the needs of people diagnosed with both mental health and substance use disorders. Our services are provided in a safe alcohol/drug free environment as an integrated, unified and coordinated part of a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. Read More

Independent Living Skills:

A comprehensive Independent Living Skills program component focuses on areas of responsibility that clients will encounter in independent living. An orderly and well-maintained environment is important in psychiatric rehabilitation, and the staff instructs and assists clients in the daily maintenance of the house and in their individually assigned home management responsibilities. Read more

Family Support:

Sanctuary House recognizes that the families of clients also experience a need for support in the treatment process. Family members are encouraged to participate in the family support services as much as possible. Meetings of family members, the client, the primary therapist and the Program Director may be scheduled on a regular basis at a time convenient to the family, as travel is often a consideration. Read More

Pre-Vocational/Vocational Program: 

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Individual Therapy:

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Socialization Skills/Recreation: 

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